My Girl

I educate my precious little girl at home.  And yesterday, we were fully able to exploit one of the perks of home-schooling, i.e. unrestricted, unlimited, it-doesn’t-matter-how-long-it-takes hugs 🙂

Charis, 10, decided that, as a reward for finishing each task, we would hug for as long as she wanted.  (Obviously her love languages are physical touch and quality time.)  Plus, she insisted on climbing atop mom’s lap for a real clinch and she clung to me like there was no tomorrow, rocking back and forth, fully savouring the joy of the moment.  I think, like Thoreau, she is well-versed at sucking the marrow from the bones of life!  Well, as we rocked back and forth enjoying our hug, the chair began to creak like an ancient steamer and I said, “Ohhhh, it sounds like we’re on a boat that’s about to keel over.”  “No,” she replied, “we are orbiting the planet of love…” 🙂

This is the girl who, when I return home from gym, rushes to meet me at the door with arms open wide exclaiming with a wide happy smile, “Mom, I’m so glad you’re home.  I missed you!!!”  Even if I’ve only been away for an hour.

One day a few weeks ago, she lovingly removed my shoes, then peeled off my socks, then massaged my feet – all without being asked.  I marvel at the miracle of her love which I feel I haven’t earned, but which I am ever so grateful for.

Out of the blue, she told me, “Mom, I want to be someone God loves as much as David.”

“You want to be a woman after God’s  own heart?” I asked.


She has even written a Psalm.

Who can deny that children are a blessing???


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