Choosing Our Benchmarks

Pulled into the library car park beside this humongous SUV.  It was an open air parking lot with one parking area facing a cement island, another facing the roadside kerb, and a third open area in the middle.  I parked in the middle and decided to align myself with the behemoth beside me.  When I got out to have a look, it turned out that the nose of my car jutted way out beyond the allotted space.  I was more than halfway forward of the allotted park.  The SUV occupied its space perfectly but it was at least a third longer than my car!  Seems my car had ambitions!!!!  I chuckled. The whole episode got me thinking.  “Well, YOU chose the SUV as your benchmark…helloooo!”

Ain’t that just the way it goes?   A size 2 evening gown would look great on Lucy Liu but the mirror won’t even let me DARE entertain THAT ambition!  I’d love to have Oprah’s TV show, magazine, and Angel Network, but that dream won’t suit a home-educating Mom!  Not now anyway…

I need to choose my benchmarks more conscious-ly instead of unquestioningly accepting that MORE and BIGGER are automatically desirable and better.  As in parking, so in life.

Let me aim for a life that suits me, the way God made me, with my unique blend of skills, gifts, talents, and idiosyncrasies!  Everything I’ve read since the year began, from Brendon Burchard to Oprah, to the Word for Today urges me to let this be the year I give myself permission to BE who I am – fully, passionately, joyfully!  No more trying to fit in and be someone universally approved of.  How liberating it would be to just be unashamedly Me!

I think I’ll just sneak into the garage now and whisper to my Toyota Carib that she’s great as she is.  More to the point, she’s great for me.  After all – family of three, two cars, one kid –  who needs a mammoth on wheels?!! 🙂