There are days when…

“Technology” just wears me out!!!

Isn’t reading and responding to an ever-increasing barrage of email just adrenalin-spiking???  I consider every day that I am offline a REAL TREAT! 🙂  Anyone else feel that way?

Technology, for all its miraculous marvels, makes me want to join the Amish!  A simple life.  That’s what I want!  A simple life with REAL people and NO virtual reality!

When we thought of the Internet as such a blessing, did we ever suspect that the open door to the universe of knowledge would be so addicting/demanding/illimitable/enticing???  It’s like falling down the rabbit hole.  You tumble down down down and then you are lost in a world where you wander round, opening doors that lead to weird and wonderful places, and, before you know it, time has been eaten up and you wake hours later wondering where you were and why it’s now lunchtime when you just had breakfast a little while ago!

It’s like being “lost in (cyber) space” 🙂

And more and more, I feel the choice before me is between the Internet and a book!  No wonder the pile of books by my bedside hasn’t diminished!  Okay, time to turn some pages!!!  When I go offline, of course…. 🙂