Linda Cruse – Aid Worker Extraordinaire

What an incredible lady!  This week, I met Linda Cruse through the University of Canterbury.  Linda Cruse is an international humanitarian aid worker who taps the power of the business sector to make a positive difference in communities with great needs.  Described as a cross between Florence Nightingale and Indiana Jones, Linda Cruse is living proof that one person can make a world of difference!  Linda has recently been appointed as a Senior Fellow and Social Entrepreneur-in-Residence at the College of Business and Law, University of Canterbury in Christchurch.  Look out, New Zealand, for her 21 Day Challenge in which she aims to bring together 30 top students from the University of Canterbury and 30 senior business leaders from NZ to solve THREE problems in THREE challenged communities in THREE continents within 21 pressure cooker days! The race is on!

Get her book here: Marmalade and Machine Guns by Linda Cruse


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