Edwina Gateley – Love in Action

This seems to be my month for meeting incredible women!  First, Linda Cruse; now, Edwina Gateley!  Edwina spoke at the Transitional Cathedral yesterday about Miracles on the Margins!   She talked about her work among prostitutes in inner-city Chicago.  When God invited her to work among these ladies, she had to go out and look for them. 🙂  Her stories track her journey from “God sent me, therefore, I’m special – and I’m here to save you!” to “God sent me because He wants you to know who you are in Him – just how precious and special you are in His eyes!”  The prostitutes were then transformed from “projects” into sisters and “next-of-kin”.

Edwina is thoughtful, deep, reflective, open, and hilarious.  You look at her and see this smiling, modest, middle-aged woman dressed like a lay nun.  And then she opens her mouth, and strength, conviction, passion, love, and compassion come gushing out.  Amazing woman.  Making a difference where she is.  If you have a chance to hear her speak or attend one of her retreats, grab it with both hands!


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